About Readers Writers

Who we are?

Readers Writers is a simple idea. The plan is to offer everyone from the writing enthusiast to the budding journalist a platform to demonstrate their literary talents to the general public, and hopefully in turn, the written media.  Readers Writers will provide a platform for individuals to write on their chosen topic, a well informed and authentic piece that reflects their knowledge and interest in that particular area.  We welcome contributions in all areas, be they short stories, prose, opinion pieces, articles or reports.

What we offer the Writer:

For the Writer, Readers Writer offers exposure for the passionate writers worldwide to have their voice heard and read. Readers Writers also offer an online portal into the public domain. 

In Readers Writers we have removed the comments section you often see at the end of articles. This allows the writer a safe haven to upload their article and not be affected by negative "trolling".

Readers Writers offers the writer a win win situation. The Writer will be read, and provided the article complies with our terms and conditions, will have their article uploaded to the website. The writer will gain exposure to the general public, and in turn may be exposed to the written media.

What we offer the Reader:

Readers Writers offers the Reader a free, and easily browsable service. The Reader will gain free access grass roots and genuine articles from a writer they may not have read before. 

Readers Writers will offer another view on the hot topics of the day from unspoiled contributors. Without the comments section, a reader can peruse their chosen article safe in the knowledge that whatever opinion the reader forms whilst reading the article, will not be tainted by comments read after an article. The Reader will also read a confident writer who will write with the safety net of not having their work exposed to negative comments. 

Readers Writers will offer a one stop shop for information on their chosen subject. Readers also hold the vote on their chosen articles. If they like the article, they rate it highly and thus the writers gets more recognition. And similarly if the Reader doesn't like the article, they simply don't rate it. 

Advantages of Becoming a Member:

For the writer, the advantages are the writer will gain exposure, and have their work rated by their peers. It also offers the writer a chance to impress their target audience: the readers.

For the reader, the advantages are that they will be reading genuine writers who have to pay a subscription to upload articles for the reader to read. Readers Writers also offers the reader exposure to a new writer before anyone else.