A view of life in aphorisms.

A view of life in aphorisms.

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Most people talk in one language but listen in another.

Tomorrow never comes until it’s over.

The quality of our lives is reflected in the quality of our friends.

Light is just the residue that darkness leaves behind.     

Cognitive dissonance is denial looking into a mirror.

Whilst “perfect” is overrated, “bloody brilliant” works every time.

Ever wonder why there is no-one in charge of the people in charge?

Quality perceives quality.

Dance and life are the same thing viewed from different angles.

We forget, at our peril, that true innocence is a skill.

Your children follow your designs, not your wishes.

We have minds that naturally wander around the edges, like puppies exploring a room.

Treat every new day as a new day.

I see the skin and I ask, what are the bones doing?

We can only see truth when we are prepared to face it squarely, eyes wide open, close as a kiss.

For some, wriggle room is a blank cheque.

Light is just a residue that darkness leaves behind.

The last thing most people want is to get everything they want.

A ‘corporate democrat’ is a type of democrat in the same way that a ‘house fly’ is a type of house.

Comedy is a form of beauty.

Truth is unbranded.

No love is selfish.

It is difficult to convince anyone how thoroughly wonderful you are as a human being whilst you continue to hold your knife to their throat.

When the cure becomes the problem, the solution becomes the mirror.

It is hard to fix something that doesn’t know it is broken.

Every bad argument starts with a conclusion.

Where Goodness sees the good, Evil finds only evil.

It is in the nature of the fool to blame others for every folly.

Save that which causes harm, all work is noble.

Those who lie to themselves can trust no one.

Your grace is whatever you can give to the moment.

We must strive to be hero of our own story.

The weaker the idea, the more fanatical its proponents.

We drown in the ocean of those things we no longer question.

There is something to be said for uncomfortable silences, once you have considered some of the alternatives.

We mostly see what we expect to see – whether it’s there, or not.

Some things that can be done quickly & without effort are otherwise almost impossible.

It is hard to raise up those who put you down.

Today is how yesterday bleeds into tomorrow.

People often know a lot more than they realize.

Blessings you don’t count, you lose.

If asked modestly and honestly, there is no such thing as a stupid question.  However, the world is full of stupid answers.

Some cannot see a wound without reaching for the salt.

To win, you must first allow your opponent to lose.

You don’t love someone when they are beautiful.  They are beautiful when you love them.

A key distinction between friendship and enmity is that friendship can be freely given, but enmity must be earned.

Changes persist.

We all live inside our own canvas.

Poetry is what happens to prose when the words start dancing.

There is no perfect answer to an imperfect question.

Never confuse any thing with its own description.

Most argue by comparing their light to the other’s dark.

Those who take offense have nowhere to take it to.

The good teacher looks up to the graduating student.

Beauty is a process.   

Love finds its object as the target finds its arrow.

Some see it as more fly than ointment.

You don't have to think the clouds are nailed to the sky to enjoy a good sunset.

It is defect and demon that define the great writer, not mere skill with the pen.

Great evils often begin with simple disrespect.

All children should be taught the habit of empathy.

The bestowing of “validation” or “invalidation” should never be set on “automatic.”

Every new baby is a promise yet unbroken.

Every cruelty rebounds on the cruel.

People who live a long time are generally people with a reason to live.

Telling a truth is easy - communicating a truth, almost impossible.

Some who would only grudgingly pay lip service to a simple truth, will fight to the death to maintain a lie.

The world is a dangerous and nasty place for those that see it that way.

Those not inspired by the hero are shamed by the hero.

Those looking for answers should first seek the right questions.

Ideally, no writer should be their own worst critic, but every writer should be their own first critic.

We are the book that reads itself.

Everything changes everything.

True arrogance arises out of modesty.

Oppressive people rarely make good listeners. 

People who aren’t bored aren’t boring.

There are few things more corrosive than wasted opportunity.

Marriage: the fine art of keeping your mouth closed, your mind open, your eyes warm and your heart grateful.

Only beauty sees beauty.

Those who believe victory to be better than peace have already lost the war.

Better to share bad times with the right person than face heaven alone.

Every one sided compromise is a surrender.

Every good argument requires at least two open minds.

If you have buttons and someone who keeps pushing them then raise your game until they simply can’t be reached anymore.

I try never to argue with other people because other people are never wrong. Some of their ideas, on the other hand, are batshit crazy - and I quite often argue with THOSE.

It is the foolish question that denies its own answers.

Christendom has become a pop group with none of the original members playing completely dissimilar music on unrelated instruments to a totally different audience.

Beware the flatterers, for they hold you in contempt.

The drunk may be everybody’s buddy, but he is nobody’s friend.

As we develop, we find we need to be a few different people to a few different people.

Those who confuse obscene inequality with reasonable reward mistake the pimple for the mountain.

Anger is a fire that can feed itself.

Only an idiot actually expects to fail the audition.

People start to die from the moment they forget why they’re alive.

The true genius finds genius everywhere.

Every person is a tribe with at least one trouble maker

Never confuse a mind open with eyes closed.

There is nothing in the universe more powerful than a kind heart.

Good actors know how to act.  Great actors know how not to.

For a good marriage, never forget that “pleasure” is also a verb.

Somewhere, every thread is connected.

Never fight with the only person in the room.

The most perfectly honest claims are seldom even made.

If the child inside us dies, all hope of real sanity is lost forever.

Do everything with love.