The Premiership is back and it brings some huge star with it. The battle on the sideline will be immense, but who will come out on top? Will Arsenal pay for not spending? Will Klopp restore Liverpool to the top? How will Pep do? Can Jose repair his reputation? But most important of all; DO YOU KNOW YOUR FOOTBALL?!

Our Readers Writers V The Punters Page tip off is back! Match by match will be tipped. The results will be logged and it's winner takes all in the contest to decide who knows more; The Football fan or the The Punters Page! Having won the Euro 2016 tip-off, The Punters Page enters the arena as Champion. Can they retain their crown? Or will the fan bounce back?

The principle is simple. Readers Writers make their predictions, and so do The Punters Page. It's 5 points for a correct result, and 20 points for a correct score line.

This competition is free to enter, and is open to everyone! If you want to join the fun, and see who knows the most and is crowned Footballs greatest expert for Premiership 2017, simply drop us a line to Follow us on Facebook or send us a tweet to @ReaderWriters

Correct scorelines will be noted here!

Week 1 saw The Punters Page correctly predicting 2-0 to Manchester United over Southampton and 3-1 to Everton away to West Brom. However, the Fan also predicted United's 2-0 win and had more correct results! The gap is just 10 points! Game on!

Week 2 saw The Punters Page correctly predicting 1-0 to Manchester United away to Hull and the 0-0 borefest between West Brom and Middlesbrough. However, the Fan predicted Chelsea's 3-0 win at home to Burnley and still has more correct results! The gap has widened to 30 points! Let the battle recommence!

Week 3 saw The Punters Page having a bumper weekend! They correctly predicting 2-1 to Crystal Palace away to Middlesbrough, the 1-1 draw between Burnley and Hull, and Everton's 3-0 away win at Sunderland. However, the Fan also predicted the 1-1 draw between Burnley and Hull and still has more correct results! The gap has widened to 75 points now, the pressure is really heating up! Can the gap be closed or are The Punters Page out of sight?

Week 4 saw both competitors having a quiet weekend! Neither came up with a correct scoreline. However, the Punters Page correctly predicted 4 correct result to the Fans 3, and now leads by 80 points. However, the fan still has more correct results! Can the gap be closed or will The Punters Page continue to streak ahead?

Week 5 saw The Punters Page streak off into the sunshine with 2 more correct scorelines, as well as bagging more correct results. The Punters Page correctly predicted West Ham and Middlesboro's draw as well as Arsenals late win at Burnley. The fan got some respite with the International break, but now trails by 135 points!

Week 6 saw The Punters Page streak brought to a halt, as the fan correctly predicted Stoke's win over Sunderland. Both had correct results. The Punters Page correctly predicted Chelseas, Southampton wins, as well as West Hams draw with Palace. The fan has cut the gap, but it's still a big margin!

Week 7 saw The Punters Page continuing their impressive run after correctly predicting the draw between Spurs and Bournemouth, and Burnleys surprise win over Everton! The Punters Page certainly know their stuff!

Week 8 saw The Punters Pages lead cut further, this time by 20 points, but they still have a commanding lead! It seems like the fan is trying to save a sinking ship using a bucket!

Week 9 saw The Punters Pages lead cut slightly by 50 points, but they still have a commanding lead! The fan correctly predicted West Ham's draw with Stoke and the derby draw between Spurs and Arsenal!

Week 10 saw The Punters Pages lead regain the initiative, topping up their lead by 25 points with the correct scoreline of Man City beating Palace Back to the drawing board for the fan!

Week 11 saw an impressive performance from The Punters Page with 2 correct scorelines as Chelsea beat Spurs 2-1, and Arsenal beat Bournemouth 3-1. But they also had FIVE other correct results! The fan has SIX correct results, but the gap has widened by 45 points! The fan may as well design ashtrays for motorbikes!!!

Week 12 saw another correct results fest! The Punters Page had five, while the fan went one better with SIX! Still, it's a drop in the ocean!

Week 13 saw The Punters Page notch another correct scoreline. However, the fan clawed some back with THREE correct results. It's still like crossing the Atlantic in a dingy!

Week 14 saw The fan claw something back with the correct result in the Spurs v Watford game. Both competitors scored SIX correct results in a successful outing!

Week 15 saw The Punters Page consolidate the lead with the correct result in the City v Arsenal game. Both competitors scored FOUR correct results in a successful outing!

Week 16 saw The Punters Page consolidate the lead with another correct result in the United v Sunderland game. However, credit must go to the Fan who scored NINE correct results out of ten!

Week 17 saw the fan have 2 correct results with West Brom's win at Swansea, and Spurs rout of Watford. Some respite, but the fan remains well off the pace!

Week 18 saw both parties tipping the draw in the big one between United and Liverpool, while The Punters Page collected 4 correct scorelines to the fans 3. Both parties are tipping well so far!

Week 19 saw The Punters Page correctly predict the correct scoreline in the Chelsea v Hull game! However, the fan stayed in touch with FIVE correct scorelines!

Week 20 saw The Fan predicting 2 correct scorelines in the Liverpool v Chelsea, and Stoke v Everton games! However, it's a mere drop in the ocean!!

Week 21 didn't see any correct scoreline, but the gap was cut again as the Fan continues to dominate the correct results section!

Week 22 saw the Punters Page correctly predict West Hams two-all draw at West Brom, to reassert their dominance!

Week 23 saw the Punters Page's lead cut slightly as the fan correctly predicted the draw between Watford and West Ham. But they still hold a commanding lead!

Week 24 saw the Punters Page's lead cut slightly again as the fan correctly predicted the win for Stoke over Middlesbrough and Chelsea's away win at West Ham. However, the Punters Page still hold a commanding lead!

Week 25 saw the Punters Page's reestablish their commanding lead by correctly predicting the win for Hull's win at home to Swansea. The comeback was short lived!!

Week 26 saw the fan re-ignite the comeback by predicting Spurs' 2-1 win over Southampton along with 5 more correct results! Will the comeback last this time?!

Week 27 saw the Punters Page crush the comeback again by predicting Arsenals two-all draw with City, while also adding 5 correct results. Game over?

Week 28 saw the Punters Page and the fan exchange correct scorelines with both games involving the Manchester clubs. It still appears game over!

Week 29 saw the the fan cut the lead by correctly predicting United's win at Burnley. Could the comeback be on again?!

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                              C/S             C/R             Points

The Punters Page   23              105              1080

Readers Writers      19               111              1035


C/S = Correct Score line

C/R = Correct Result