Creative Writing Courses 


Readers Writers has raised the bar with writers around the world. Some of the best talent around is competing to get their best work noticed and published. If you are highly motivated to become better than the rest, it is recommended that you take some creative writing courses to help improve your writing. 


There is a great amount of different courses to choose from whether you would like to take classes online or in person is where to begin. Many writers are busy or may learn better in an online setting, so taking classes online is a viable option. 


Creative writing courses also let you choose which genre you would like to write in. If you like to just use your imagination and see where your writing takes you, then you can choose a creative writing in fiction course. This course will teach you how to begin writing and how to write from different perspectives. 


You can also choose to write creative writing in screen writing. If you choose this course you will learn how to write a screen play. Whether you want to write for television, movies, or plays, this course will guide you how to write the best screen play. 


If you want to be the best you have to put the work in to get there. You may have a natural talent, but there is always room for improvement. With the right creative writing course you can go from best to better. 



Develop Your Creative Writing Skills


There is something exciting about taking creative writing courses.  Not only do you get to learn more about the art of storytelling and how to form a story, you get to interact with other creative writers. There’s the excitement of sharing your stories and hearing other people’s stories as well. But are you being judged honestly?

Let’s face it, getting an honest sense of how good your story is, is difficult. In creative writing courses, the people giving you feedback have a very specific agenda. They want to show that they know the basics of creative writing and critique your work based on their understanding of writing. They’ll probably always tell you you’re a good writer, too. That’s because they don’t want to be told they aren’t a good writer. How do you honestly know your story is good?

What about friends and family? They probably encouraged you when you decided to take creative writing courses. They’ve read your stories and told you they were good. But family and friends, in most cases, don’t want to hurt your feelings. They won’t be as honest as you’d like them to be. Who’s going to say the truth, even if it hurts?

Every author needs is an unbiased opinion of their work; an opinion from someone who doesn’t have an emotional stake in you. If you could just round those people up in one place, let them read your work, and then late them rate your work, you’d get something that even creative writing courses can’t provide, an honest appraisal of your story.

Fortunately, with the power of the internet, this ideal scenario is a reality. has created a place on the internet where writers can share their stories and readers can rate the stories they’ve read. It’s a win-win scenario that could only happen on a site like, where readers and writers are brought together for one purpose.

No more do you have to sit in your creative writing classes and wonder if the person complimenting your latest work is doing so to get a positive review of their work. No more do you have to wonder if your Aunt really likes your story or just likes to see you smile. On you’ll post your story and people who don’t know you will read and rate your work. They’ll do it honestly, and that’s what every writer needs.




How to Improve Your Writing Skills


Being a great author doesn't happen overnight. Writers must constantly work on their skills to be an affective writer. Here are a few ways you can improve your writing skills.


Join a Writing Group

One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is by joining a writing group or workshop. A writing group usually holds writing competitions and also gives you feedback. Test your skills by sharing your writing with others in a group or workshop. You are not competing with one another, but your writing is being judged by others for its creativity and consistency. Discuss what you liked and did not like about each writing sample. Feedback will help build your skills as a writer.


Writing Competitions

Writing competitions are offered by many resources online. You can join writing competitions and submit your stories to these resources for many reasons other than winning a prize. Writing competitions give you a sense of what the public thinks of your story. Having another set of eyes on your stories will strengthen your skills as you tackle the next story idea.


Go Beyond Reading

Reading other writing besides your own will help broaden your skills as an author. If you usually read certain genres like fantasy or romance, jump out of your comfort zone and read something else. Read everything you can find with different styles and different stories so you can stretch your mind to understand every genre.


Write More.

Practice your writing by writing even more. Each day try to write atleast 1,000 words. Even writing in a journal will help broaden your skills and get your thoughts out on paper. A good author becomes great by practicing writing skills over and over. Simply writing as much as possible will not only strengthen your skills, but will help you create new story ideas.






Becoming a Great Writer


If writing is your dream, there is now a place for you to get noticed immediately and get paid for your creative writing. In order to be the best and make the wall of fame at Readers Writers, you may want to take one of the many creative writing courses out there. There you will learn many tips to set you apart from other writers. 


One of the main tips that you may learn from taking creative writing courses is sometimes its easier to just start writing. Instead of thinking and procrastinating, just let your mind flow through your pen. 


Find the best environment that will help you produce your best work. This could be anything from the time of day to if you like to listen to music. Whatever it is that makes you become more creative, make sure you do it every time you write. 


Choose a topic that interests you. If you're not interested in what you are writing about, you will end up getting bored with what you are doing and end up giving up on writing. 


Writing can be fun and fulfilling if done the right way. Don't look at it as a job, have fun with it. Let your mind take you to the depths of your imagination, get paid to do it. 





Make Money With Your Creative Writing


One of the main issues many writers encounter is exposure. You have the creative mind, and the words on paper, now what? Many publishers charge an arm and a leg, and exposure is not guaranteed. There is now a way where you can showcase your talents and hard work and make money with your creative writing. 


Readers Writers is a place where writers of all ages and experience levels can post their hard work for others to see. Here others will be able to view/read your creative writing and then have the option to buy. Which is what most writers dream of. 


It is very easy to sign up and become a published writer. We offer 5 different and affordable subscriptions to get you started, and you can upload your writings very quick and easy. Once you get started you will immediately have a chance to get published. Every week 5 of the best articles of the week will be chosen to be published, but that is not the only way to get published. If your work stands out out from others there is a possibility that you can be randomly chosen throughout the week. 


To make this even better, there is an opportunity to reach the wall of fame. This is when a writer gets 5 or more articles published. With all of the benefits rewarded for your creative writing, there is no reason not to start writing and making money. Get your pens and paper ready and get ready to get published. 

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